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ReunionTeam is a full service reunion planning company based in Houston, Texas, with staff experienced in planning memorable and successful reunions.

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Upcoming Class Reunions

Planning the best reunions for over 25 years.

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Useful Class Reunion Statistics

  • When deciding what month to hold your class reunion you might find it useful to know that national averages show the most popular months to hold a class reunion are:
    • July 23%
    • August 21%
    • June 12%
    • October 12%
    • September 10%
    • November 5%
    • May 4%
    • Other
  • When planning and budgeting for a class reunion you may find it useful to know that the number of classmates who attend their class reunion is typically in the range of 20-30%. Greater than 30% should be considered a highly successful reunion.

  • You should plan that 80-90% of classmates attending the reunion will bring a guest.

  • When trying to locate clasmates you might find it useful to know that on average more than 60% of classmates still reside in their home state.

  • Most successful reunion planners begin planning their class reunion at least 1 year in advance.